1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter


The Wild Yeast born When the West was Young!

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The history of this sourdough starter began in 1847 from Missouri with Dr John Savage.  Dr Savage headed west on the old Oregon trail where one of his daughters was the cook for the wagon train so this starter was well used to keep everyone alive.  Along the trail, the Mother Culture picked up very unique wild yeasts and cultures from Missouri to Salem, Oregon.  This has made a Sourdough Culture with a very robust flavored bread end product.  The sourdough started was passed on from generation to generation for 170 years and now it’s hear in Southeast Asia.  How lucky are we?

Our starters come in a powdered form for easy storage and shipping.  It’s easy to rehydrate your starter and this can be kept for years and passed on from generation to generation.  Your own personal family Mother Culture.

To REACTIVATE the starter from the powdered form:

1. Dissolve the contents of the packet with 3/4 cup warm (90 degree) water, add 3/4 cup white bread flour, and 1 teaspoon sugar in glass or plastic container (NOT METAL!).

2. Place bowl (covered with damp towel) in warm place for up to 48 hours. It will get bubbly from the fermentation. IT’S ALIVE!!

3. Mix in 1 cup warm (95) water, add 1 cup flour, 1 tablespoon dried potatoes or use potato water and let sit in the warm place till bubbly again. Don’t worry about the lumps as the fermentation will take care of them.

4. Now, you can store it in the frig till needed. It may develop a clear liquid on top, if so, stir it back in as this is alcohol keep it happy! It will need feeding about every couple of weeks, just add 1 cup warm skim milk or water, 1 T Sugar and 1 cup flour. Once in a while add 1 tablespoon of dried potatoes (or use potato water). If it looks sick, add 1 T CIDER vinegar to give it a kick in the behind! Give the excess to a friend or you can keep some of it in the freezer for several months between feedings.

When you want to bake something, bring the starter up to room temperature, mix in 1 cup flour, 1 c warm water or skim milk and let sit overnight to ferment. The next morning, remove one cup to keep in a covered jar as a starter for use next time, feed it, then do your baking.


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